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Chinese Food

Chinese Food

Chinese Food Dim Sum Many non-Chinese think that dim sum is just a steamed dumpling with maybe a dipping sauce to accompany it. However, although that is one type of dim sum, the term “dim sum” does not refer to a single dish, but to a style of serving a vast selection of different snack type items. Usually appetizers are served as a part of a large feast that everybody can enjoy. สล็อตเว็บตรง 

Dumplings have been around for centuries, but until recently they were mainly used as ends (but not as a meal). Used in most Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese restaurants, dim sum can be seen as a decent stop on any Chinatown. If you happen to find yourself in Hong Kong, a good place to try this type of dim sum is Lai Lai Tong.

This neighborhood typically has quite a few restaurants (over 100) that serve a variety of dim sum, and some of these restaurants can be seen as a Family oriented Dim sum Restaurant. If you are looking to eat dim sum, Lai Lai Tong is one of the best places to go for a delicious meal.

Lai Lai Tong is situated in the)(Harford Road) section of Harford Town, leveladedrooftop Restaurant and sitting at the moment asterisk steakhouse.

Lai Lai Tong’s Menu: When you are dining there, make sure you get a drink, plenty of tea and also dessert. If you ever been there, you’ll know that the restaurant has a lot more than just dim sum on the menu.

They also have a nice range of international cuisine on their menu. lion’s head steakhouse is also known for its large variety of beef dishes. In fact, reads a favorite saying in Hong Kong: “Hong Kong does big things with small things”. Well, here big things are fishes, pies, roast chicken, ribs, so many things. And if big things are important to you, do not forget to look at the small plates table. Yes, it is also a pleasure to eat at this place, not only for the looks.

Another favorite restaurant for snacks is theui( dim sum) Inn. It lies along the banks of the river, not far from the city center. The setting is nice and calm, the food is let to cook for a long time for the guests, and everyone can sit around a long table and enjoy a leisurely meal, even a date.

The number one favorite place to eat at is Lai Yuan Art of theThreeixed monkeys. The art is of the Threeixed monkeys, made of light, middle and heavy materials. The specialty here is that the meat and the rice are served first. This kind of rice is either served on a low flat rice paddy or on top of a steamed cabbage. Meat is often eaten with the rice. Various kinds of fishes and semi-finished meat are combined together in the steaming process. The taste is quite strong, and to some people it may be too strong.

Some people also like to eat noodle soups at a small Canteen. These are quite nice and healthy, and are hot and cold. You can choose different varieties of noodles, and also add different ingredients to help your own taste. Most of the readers like to eat these kind of soups occasionally, as they are also very cheap.

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So, as you can see, most of theinese restaurants in Beijing can be quite expensive. But when you go to eat authentic dishes, you will never feel price envy. The food is simply mouth watering, and the service is no less than excellent. If you have never been to a good Chinese restaurant before, you should immediately go to see one of the many that is nearest to your home. Once you get home, you should take is up with you best friends and family, or at least your spouse or child.